2:10 Life Coaching also recognizes that for many business owners and leaders, their employees are like family and they may want to enlist a coach for their business. Coaching sessions for business work differently than private sessions. Unlike private sessions, 2:10 understands that business needs can be a hassle without having to schedule individual appointments for employees. Due to that, your coach will come and be available for you or your staff for an extended period of time.

During this time you and your team may bring up any goals or issues they may be seeking help with. It is up to the owner/leader on how much time they wish each team member to be allowed to spend with the coach.

This type of package can also be useful for leadership development or strategic planning. During this time an owner may wish to schedule time with his leaders to grow, or up and coming leaders to gain some insight on how they can reach their next level. Or, this could be a group session in which a group of team members come in and the coach focuses on developing a certain area of leadership such as, conflict resolution, communication, team building, etc…

There has been a need for Churches to engage in leadership training and development in the administrative/leadership staff as well. If you are a Pastor/Administrator from a church and are interested in a session, please contact me for pricing.

One visit per month

4 hour visit to the business – $300

6 hour visit to the business – $450

3-month package

4 hour visit once per month – $750

6 hour visit once per month – $1200