Is coaching confidential?

Absolutely! Anything discussed in the coaching session stays in the coaching session unless authorized by the client.

What can I expect to get out of coaching?

Coaching results just like counseling or mentoring, depend on the person being coached. If you come in focused and do the work that is required outside you will get results!

What does a session consist of?

A session depends solely on the clients needs that month. Some months may be career focused, some may be personal focused. However regardless of the needs that month the Coach will help navigate the issue and the client will set to-dos for the next meeting.

Can coaching really be done via skype?

Yes is can. In many situations, coaching is done via skype or phone due to scheduling or business needs. Coaching just like counseling or mentoring involves a lot of conversation. Any forms or paper tools can be e-mailed.

As a business owner, can I pay for one of my leaders to be coached?

Yes you can! The disclaimer I like to put here is that the coaching relationship is confidential and what is discussed can not be shared without consent from the one being coached. Also in this type of situation, twice a year I like for the session to be with the owner and the leader. Also, if you require this from a leader, please know there is an additional cost of you paying them their normal wages.