Services range from single sessions (which include one person or a couple or a family), Business sessions (which are more for business group training), and Human Resource consulting. Often people ask who needs coaching help? My answer is almost everyone! Coaching is mainly used to help people achieve goals and go from good to better! Whether this is in their personal or professional life. This could be a young professional trying to climb the corporate ladder, it could be a person who just wants to do better in life in general, or a couple who wants to make sure their marriage flourishes. Businesses often need help getting leaders to the next level, having one on one coaches for up and coming leaders can help them set goals, learn skills, achieve goals, and be better equipped to help the business succeed or grow in their career. Churches are also starting to see that as they grow, they experience team issues in their staff just like any business, often they may need some help in how to delegate, communicate, plan, and achieve as well.

**Coaching is not for those who may be suffering from manic depression or anxiety, or severe emotional/mental trauma. Coaching is not Counseling and it is important to note that.